When considering business growth, with the ultimate goal of growing ROI, it is crucial to accommodate all aspects of growth, from the increase in input to the increase in demand. At Combound, scalability is one of our core service values. When deciding to expand your borders, it can be challenging to predict the exact amount of human capital needed to accommodate both existing and new customers. Combound ensures your organization is ready to handle its future growth and complements your company’s internal competences with our expertise, sales force, and global network of dedicated professionals. We get you started without complex terms of employment, overhead, or start-up operational costs. Combound offers a “plug-and-expand” solution!


With over six years of experience in internationalization and localization of online businesses, we offer tailored advice, practical know-how and true local expertise. Our ever expanding international network keeps us abreast of all relevant global trends and developments in the dynamic digital sector. But we don’t stop at the “bigger picture”; being global means thinking local. Our experienced local teams support immediate new market engagement and are readily equipped with insights on all specific ins and outs.

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Secure global expansion


With Combound, you can choose a customized solution tailored to fit your ambitions and performance. Even as conditions change, we enable you to enter new markets without engaging in costly payroll commitments and contracts, allowing your company to quickly respond to market dynamic, adjusting your strategy as needed for immediate execution on an operational level.

Global solutions

Finding and hiring qualified personnel with the right skills to drive your success in a new market is time consuming and extremely costly. Why not rely on a network of experienced professionals, ready to support your sales and marketing activities with their know-how and inside knowledge? With Combound, you work directly with well-trained, local personnel to ensure professional customer contact.

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