International outbound acquisition

A company’s success is anchored in its product and its adaptability to growth. Expanding your brand across borders is often a very difficult and time-consuming activity. Combound offers seasoned global e-commerce experts capable of carrying the full cycle of your product or service.

Our DNA is in our area of expertise – super fast TTM (time to market) and local knowledge of new markets. Combound cares for your sales related activities and provides trained e-commerce sales professionals who start within weeks of project initiation – worldwide. Below is an indication of our competencies by segment

SaaS software


Shopping platforms


Payment solutions


International inbound acquisition

By setting up a successful campaign to generate incoming leads, we convert the generated lead into a satisfied long-term customer. Potential customers requesting more information via your website or online campaign will want to be understood by a qualified professional. Our global direct follow-up by email and phone secures and supports your global success, ensuring you stay ahead of your competitors.

Campaign lead generation


Lead qualification


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Securing a successful global expansion is based on a solid and well planned expansion strategy.  Combound’s product scan analyzes your growth goals, creating the consulting and support infrastructure of your roadmap to expanded success. Through active online approach, acquisition by phone, and proper marketing and campaign matrices, we create a road map for success.

Avoid others’ mistakes and create a chain reaction of success. Expansion into new countries brings many uncertainties, high costs, long term agreements and time investment. With Combound, you are located in within weeks without challenges, and solely with new opportunities in your target market.

Market entry

Is your product complex? Already have an existing sales force? Want our services as an add-on to your existing organization? Our market entry solutions achieve the first steps of a successful new market entry. The introduction and full qualification of the market ensures that your company can focus on what secures their success – building successful long-term and qualitative relationships with its customers.


Generating new sales often requires a local presence and appearance. We support the localization and global success of your products, services, and workflow. Our service and support ensures your organization’s international expansion. From the convenience of your headquarters, you can quickly and expand into the rest of the world. Localization and beta-testing your new launches optimizes processes and drastically reduces costs and time spent. Combound brings creating new opportunities to a new global level.

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